Keeping You Updated on the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization


The Harbor Project is well underway and excitement is growing for the updated marina. Since breaking ground in August 2022, docks have been upgraded and new design concepts for the retail space have been released. In our previous round-up, “What to Expect with the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Project”, we went over the details of the project scope. We’ve continued digging into the revitalization progress and did our research so you can stay up to date with the harbor’s revamp. What we’ve found from available sources is exciting to say the least! We created this new update to keep you up-to-date with all things new with the Dana Point Harbor.

Here’s what we already knew about the revitalization:

  • All boat docks will be fully rebuilt and indoor storage space for 400 boats will be added.
  • A new parking garage be built with 825 public parking spaces.
  • The new harbor will include world-class eateries, retail and open-air lawns.
  • Two hotels will be added to the harbor, one luxury hotel and one causal hotel.
  • A pedestrian walkway will connect from Doheny Beach to the Ocean Institute.

Here’s what we’ve recently found out:

  • The harbor design is inspired natural landscape and will include a whale statue and water feature at the center of the plaza.
  • Retail and dining options will be featured in a two-story complex coined “The Boathouse”.
  • Strand Hotel OC is planned to be Dana Point’s new luxury hotel.
  • The dock redesign is in Phase 3 of the rebuild process which includes updates to the east end of harbor docks.

The Focal Point: Dana Point Harbor’s Design

New renderings of the Dana Point Harbor show a water feature centered around a breaching whale as the center of the upgraded harbor. Back in August, the existing Dana Wharf Courtyard was rededicated to the founder of Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching, Don Hansen, who passed away last year. The idea behind this new build is to celebrate the history of Dana Point without drawing away from the natural beauty of the harbor. The new look will integrate modern architecture into the existing landscape. Bryon Ward, a member of the Harbor Partners explains, “We have been very detailed in all aspects of the design process, and the buildings will look as though they have always called the Harbor home.”

The Boat House: Dana Point’s New Double-Decker Dining Plaza

When the Harbor Revitalization plan was first initiated, a double-decker retail and dining mecca was dreamt up by the Harbor Partners team. This dream is coming to life in what will be known as The Boathouse. Aligning with the name, this new plaza will be embellished with nautical decor elements, even boats suspended from the ceiling! The vendors inside this artisanal-style food court will be solidified within the year.  The current plan is to house trendsetting restaurants and world-class dining options that will transform the Harbor into a coveted destination. The line-up will include highly chef-driven restaurants and globally-inspired concepts to suit every taste. Concepts such as “The Hangar” at Long Beach Exchange and “The Mix” at The South Coast Collection are what inspired the upcoming Boathouse.

The Strand: Dana Point’s New Luxury Hotel

Perched overlooking the revamped harbor will sit The Strand at Headlands, Dana Point’s new 5-star resort. The Strand at Headlands will boast cliff top views of Strands on one side and the harbor on the other. The hotel has plans for a glass-bottom pool, state-of-the art fitness facility and luxury spa. If you’re a numbers person, the full plan includes building of a  2.8-acre hotel that has been graded for a 90-key resort and totals 110,750 square feet.

The Dock: Environmental Protocols and a Revamped Look


The dock is currently in Phase 2 of the rebuild plan, which includes pile driving and new finger installation. This part of the process is already over halfway complete. Phase 3 of the plan will be initiated next, and will start by reconstructing 40’, 45’ and 58’ slips in what is currently docks A-F in the east end of the harbor. This portion of the project is spearheaded by Bellingham Marine, the world’s leading marina builder. They are dedicated to building sustainable facilities and plan to build power pedestals for each slip. These power pedestals will serve as multi-purpose devices to supply power, water, internet and lighting to boats. Although power pedestals are more expensive than other options, they provide all essential utilities within a single unit and are much more eco-friendly than alternatives.

The harbor revitalization is still projected to be a five to seven year project, but evidence of work underway is already noticeable by the Marina. We are so excited about the future of our waterfront city and strive to keep you updated on latest happenings and ongoing construction updates. While we’ve researched to uncover credible news from available sources, the information shared is not completely verified. Stay tuned for what’s to come!

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